Our Mantra

We’re proud to work with clients ranging from global businesses to third sector organisations in industries across the board, from social enterprise restaurants supporting the development of local communities to Japanese retailers sharing the exquisite work of traditional craftsmen with the world. Headquartered in both the UK and Japan, we have been privileged to work with over 400 organisations across the globe, building businesses and supporting charities, NGOs and governments in locations from London all the way to Tokyo. Each and every one of our clients is offered the same unparalleled, personal support that puts creativity, conscientiousness and competence first. Our team has crafted successful marketing solutions for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, SIV, The Careers and Enterprise Company, Millennium Hotels, Euroguidance and Aspire-igen among many other local, national and international organisations. What if your business was next?

The Japanese Connection

Within the walls of Ikigai House, our close connection with Japan’s unique culture soon becomes clear, though this extends far beyond taking off our shoes and sipping on freshly-brewed matcha. 

Focusing on the wellbeing of each member of the Mantra Family is simply part of our every day. Through our culture of shared respect, workshops with our psychologist and private health insurance, our team are encouraged to live by the values that they hold close, letting them excel as they produce their craft. 

This same sentiment and approach is extended to our wider network of clients, friends and guests to our building. In this way, collaboration and progress become a natural part of the bespoke strategies we craft for you. 

Ethics in Marketing

For us, ethics are far more than a tagline; ensuring transparency and understanding underpins every strategy that we create. Nurturing meaningful relationships with our clients lets us build a collaborative community, creating mutual respect and shared meaning that filters into every aspect of our operations. With this in mind, our selective approach is a little different to most. Working only with organisations that share our values, we are able to create results that truly matter. 

Collaboration between each of our departments means our shared ethics resonate all the more powerfully within every piece of work we undertake. There’s no secret to the success of our tailored services; we dedicate our expertise, time and utmost care to best enabling your boldest ambitions to become tangible outcomes. 

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