A Contribution to the Business Community (SYCF)

South Yorkshire Community Foundation

South Yorkshire Community Foundation supports community groups with grant funding in order to help people facing hardship and disadvantage, and those working to improve the communities they live in. With our charity marketing, they work to connect people who care about South Yorkshire and have the means to invest in its future, with the community groups striving to build stronger and healthier communities.

What were our

To build the SY100 long term business donors group, which had stood at 32 members since its inception two years ago.


We developed a social media campaign with the name ‘Pay Up For Good’, playing on Yorkshire colloquialisms and the objectives of the charity.

What did we deliver

Social Media

Social PPC Campaign

Our Outcomes

In under 3 months, our charity marketing saw over 42 new businesses and organisations registered to become an SY100 member, more than doubling the original number of registrations.

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