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Stand Tall 4 PTS

StandTall4PTS are an international charity based in Brisbane, Australia helping veterans around the world suffering from the effects of mental trauma from engagement in combat.

What were our objectives?

To design and deliver a global campaign, working alongside veterans, counsellors and Invictus Athletes to create an online community that informs and creates signposts for veterans and their families. To give a voice to those often afraid to speak out, and bring knowledge to those that may have previously not understood the effects of battle trauma and PTS.

Our strategy

Working closely with the StandTall media team and press, we developed a global outreach campaign to engage the five eyes nations in support of StandTall.

What did we deliver?

Website Design

UX and UI Development

Website Build

Our Outcomes

We created a campaign so effective that even after one week, we had become the most engaged online community for veterans in the world. We reached over a million people worldwide. As a snapshot, we increased Stand Tall’s Facebook reach from 83 to over 260,000.

Leaving a lasting impression

"It was my pleasure to work with Johnny and Mantra Media as we travelled the east coast of Australia in 2018. Mantra skilfully delivered the client’s digital marketing and social media needs across the world, giving it a unique approach with creativity, patience and understanding. Mantra worked tirelessly to ensure the client was able to share their message at the exact time and place to maximise exposure. I have great pleasure in recommending Mantra Media to any business or organisation seeking the best in digital marketing and social media."

Leanne Fawcett - Counsellor / Psychotherapist - Infinity Counselling Service

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