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RHJ Accountants

RHJ Accountants provide accountancy services which are tailored to suit a variety of clients across a wide range of business sectors, including IT contractors, freelancers and small business owners in the UK and overseas.

What were our objectives?

To reach and resonate with business owners needing accountancy services, in order to consistently increase RHJ’s clientele portfolio ensuring continual business development and financial growth.

Our strategy

We developed a social media strategy to challenge preconceived assumptions  about accountancy being monotonous and created a social media style using fun illustrations to explain their services.

What did we deliver?

Social Media Management
Social PPC Management
Website Management

Our Outcomes

In 2017, RHJ Accountants and Associates grew 53% in annual turnover and 99.9% of all their marketing activities was through social media. As well as this, their ROI (Return On Investment) was over 7 times their total yearly marketing spend.

Leaving a lasting impression

"What can I say about Mantra which has not already been said, if you are after a company who cares passionately about their clients and does not just see them as a number Mantra are the company for you. They are honest and have great integrity with a wealth of knowledge that will help build or recreate a business social media profile. They have given us huge growth over the last two years. Mantra are truly ahead of their time."

Jeremiah Jordan - Managing Director

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