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Removal and Storage Experts

Removal and Storage Experts offer a full suite of specialist services to both private and commercial clients to efficiently facilitate all aspects of relocation and temporary secure storage. With an exceptional reputation supporting their success, they place excellent customer care at the heart of their services.

What were our objectives?

To generate a higher number of leads with a greater value. To effectively showcase Removal and Storage Experts’ service quality in order to cement them as the service provider of choice for commercial and individual clients.

Our strategy

We created a social media campaign that put Removal and Storage Experts’ array of specialist services, expertise and unique approach into the spotlight to harness the attention of their audience. Complemented by a precise PPC campaign targeting potential clients based on their location, sector and business, we ran a tailor-made Google Adwords campaign to draw in high-value leads for accelerated growth.

What did we deliver?

Social Media Management
Social Media PPC
Google Adwords

Our Outcomes

Demonstrating the vast difference that a carefully crafted campaign can make in just two months, leads per month increased from just 70 to over 600. Importantly, the average lead value jumped from £400 to £1,500, leading turnover per month to soar from £11,000 to £64,000.

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