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SVM / iGiftie

iGiftie is the customer-facing side to international gift card retailers; SVM Global. Launched less than one year ago, they offer gift cards from a range of different retailers up to the value of £200.

What were our

To raise brand awareness of the new company within SVM Global and encourage users to visit the website to purchase gift cards as presents for their friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances through retailer marketing.


We launched Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels for the brand, and crafted a social media strategy to be playful and interesting to harness the attention of users, alongside vibrant and eye-catching visuals. We also incorporated a retailer marketing and SEO strategy and blogging to increase visibility of the brand and reach an even greater audience.

What did we deliver

Social Media

Social Media
Pay Per Click


Search Engine

Our Outcomes

iGiftie’s social presence has soared since its launch, having gained almost 3,000 followers on Facebook alone. Through our SEO campaign, we have increased backlinks from a mere 896 to an incredible 111,000, and the ranking has also significantly improved, allowing more users to discover the brand through search engines.

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