Turning a corner for Tokyo

Tokyo Task Force

The Tokyo Task Force is an English Language Networking hub offering support to the English speaking community in Japan and other countries worldwide. They strive to develop projects around Japan and in Tokyo to help those most in need, most notably leading projects with large corporate enterprises to help those in calamitous situations like the triple disaster in Tohoku.

What were our objectives?

To design a strong and easily recognisable brand, website and social media strategy to gain visibility that would resonate with corporate entities worldwide, encouraging them to donate and develop charitable projects in Japan.

Our strategy

We developed a strong online presence with a professional brand, website and social media drive aimed at large corporates able to invest in projects.

What did we deliver?


Website Design

Social Media Management

Social PPC Management

Our Outcomes

The Tokyo Task Force now has a community on LinkedIn of over 6000 people that attend international events, create projects and invest in social good. In 2017 we were able to secure enough corporate donations to create an international exchange programme between Detroit and Tokyo.

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