Five Years of Mantra Media: Putting Company Values First

Five Years of Mantra Media: Putting Company Values First
Five Years of Mantra Media

This month marks five years since Mantra Media began. In that time, we’ve worked with clients across the globe, taking on projects ranging from the local to the international. For those of you who are a little less familiar with what we do and how we do it, we work across sectors and industries to support the organisations that align with our values to reach new successes and bolder ambitions. 

From crafting a global campaign to support veterans and tackle the stigma around PTS, to creating bespoke strategies for organisations in the medical, legal and finance sectors to achieve their most pressing objectives, we choose to do things differently to the norm to make way for more meaningful outcomes.  

Intrigued to hear more about our campaigns? Take a look at some of the work we’re proud of here. 

Our unique, and maybe even unexpected approach lies in our values. Along the way to reaching the five-year marker, there’s plenty that has changed in the digital landscape and the way that the industries, audiences and organisations we work with interact and behave, yet our ethics have remained unwavering. Living and working by our shared values is exactly what lets us create the results that matter for your organisation, all whilst finding fulfilment every day; it really can be that simple. 

Relationships with real meaning 

The relationships we build with our clients are mirrored in the way our company values exist internally; there’s a perfect fit for everyone here, and we’re encouraged to grow into whatever suits us best. To us, the idea of company values isn’t a buzzword that’s dusted off and drawn upon every once in a while, it’s a carefully created, authentic approach to every task we take on.

It’s no secret that everyone working here does so for a reason. Every day, we step through the front door of Ikigai House excited to get stuck into each strategy, ready to learn something new and provide the best possible approach for our clients, and for each other too. Our ethics and company values are shared by our global team, every strategy we craft, and every conversation that takes place within the walls of our Sheffield home and further afield. 

Since Mantra began, we’ve made wellbeing, trust and growth a priority within our company values. Regular workshops with our in-house psychologist, genuine friendships and a supportive, creative atmosphere make for a working day that’s never quite the same as the last. 

A unique approach to company values

Dedicated care

There’s a reason why so many of our clients have stayed with us over the half a decade since Mantra began. The connections we cultivate with clients are based on genuine care, letting our team truly focus on your success and mould your strategy into one that fits seamlessly with your objectives. Working with individuals and organisations who share our company values and ethical approach to business means every piece of work we carry out has our time, expertise and dedication embedded within it. Wondering where we draw the line? Our selective approach to who we work with is just that. Working alongside organisations that mirror our values is all part of keeping ‘driven by ethics’ as far more than just a tagline. 

Reaching tangible outcomes 

The importance of interweaving our company values within our wider mindset also extends to the outcomes you’ll enjoy from the strategies crafted by our specialists. In fact, spending time with your organisation makes all the difference here. Our team dig a bit deeper to get to know every one of our clients, their ambitions, industry and audience, to really put research into the spotlight. Navigating your strategy in this way lets you know that there’s no room for guessing games when it comes to putting together each deliverable, letting you look forward to real, tangible results. 

Commitment to transparency 

Understanding is key to both our own company values and the insights we share with our clients, friends and wider network. We don’t believe in keeping our knowledge to ourselves. Every member of our team is genuinely excited by their specialist field and chomping at the bit to share their insights and recommendations with our clients the world over. Our keenness isn’t for show though, our team look at what lies ahead so we can offer transparent, expert guidance on generating the results you’re after. 

As our team grows in every which direction, building bridges and crafting campaigns across continents, our ethics stick sturdy at the foundation of the approach that makes Mantra what it is. If you’re curious about our unique take on creating success, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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