Google Hire is Here!

Giving power to the people or making business owners a jack of all trades and a master of none?

The recruitment industry has witnessed big changes over the last 15 years. One of the game changers, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms ‘when used correctly’, giving access to an unlimited bank of prospective candidates and potential clients. Some recruiters have utilised the tools so effectively that businesses have been built through the new platforms.

Well, there are lots of other tools in the business connection market that compete with LinkedIn but most are specific to a particular country or haven’t yet managed to grab that monster user base. An interesting alternative to LinkedIn, I’ve been using in the U.K is Shapr, it’s a user-friendly mobile app that connects professionals in a similar way to Tinder. Business owners can connect, chat and find prospective staff with a swipe across your phone. It would be silly to suggest that Shapr is in a position to compete with LinkedIn today but with Google’s Hiring tool now on the scene, the market may shift.

google hire

The Goliath has Awoken!

Google has finally released its much-anticipated online hiring and recruitment management tool. Google Hire isn’t just a connector, it’s a big, integrated, data machine. It has a functional base that is huge and its hiring process test environment is immense. The ability to house bespoke coding environments to test technical candidates online is going to be indispensable. As a business owner, in my sector, that’s huge. It also integrates with major job boards like Glass Door and indeed. It can automatically aggregate a candidate’s online profiles from a plethora of social media platforms so you can get a full online image of the person you’re considering hiring. The applicant tracking and integration into Google Suite make the process pretty seamless.

The Market

What will Google Hire mean for business owners and for the recruitment industry at large?

There’s a reason I don’t give myself legal advice or do my own accountants. Just like how you wouldn’t perform your own surgery, even if Google did show you how. Being a professional within a sector takes time, experience, training and expertise. Just like Google Adwords, Google may have given people the ability to market one’s own business but do business owners have the time, energy and/or skill to be able to make it worth their while. Many business owners have wasted countless pounds in Adwords from just ‘giving it a go’. Let’s be honest, the success stories of independent business owners managing ad campaigns for themselves are few and far between.

“Rory McIlroy might show me the best way to line up and swing but that won’t mean I’ll be getting that PGA title anytime soon”.

google hire

The Appeal

The recruitment industry does get a bad rap but then again so does the marketing industry. There’s a lot of people just ‘giving it a go’ and then claiming to be experts. I’m very wary of anyone that describes themselves as a ‘thought leader, influencer or Social Media Wizard’. There’s hyperbole and then there’s… something else. Perhaps that’s what this technology will encourage… I know recruitment fees can be a pain and yes there are some really bad recruiters out there but there are also some really awesome ones, that genuinely love their job and take pride in supporting both clients and candidates.

Technology can make some skills easier to attain but unless you’ve got lots of spare time in your business to be learning another profession I’d possibly leave it to the professionals that have spent years developing their skills. What do you think?

Will business owners drop the recruitment firms and move to Google Hire?

Will recruiters embrace the tool in a similar way to LinkedIn and then continue as normal?

google hire
google hire

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