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The only property management software to have a 2-way integration with Sage, Decorus for Sage has been providing landlords, lettings agents and property managers with everything they need to help their property portfolio thrive for over a decade. We sat down with Paul, Decorus’s Founder, and Charlotte, Operations Manager, to find out more about where Decorus is headed next throughout help with marketing campaigns.

Client Insights:
Decorus for Sage

Give us a background to Decorus for Sage…

[Paul] I started programming in school. All my friends had gaming computers and I didn’t, so I taught myself to write games instead. After being approached by a few different companies to write programmes for them, I took the jump to go solo in 1993, and when I was 25, I started working for myself. My first property program was way back at the start of the nineties, I got the property bug and expanded then. I first got involved with Sage in the mid-90s, and by 2009, I combined the two – until that point, it was all just me programming in my bedroom. I think the thing that changed Decorus for Sage for me was an understanding of marketing. Our USP as the only property management software to integrate with Sage is a great one, but when we started marketing properly, we took Decorus to another level. 

What does the future hold for Decoerus for Sage?

[Paul] By 2021, we’ll have taken Decorus up a whole other level. At the moment, we have a small target market. We have a rewrite coming up that will mean Decorus can be used for every type of space, in every country. The software’s customisable, so it’s bespoke for every business that needs it, alongside presets for each audience if they’re not exactly sure what they need. 

We’ve got a team of experts behind this too – we’re excited! We take pride in making sure our customers are happy, especially with our marketing campaigns, we don’t sell for the sake of selling. There’s a great mix of expertise in the office, we create really good relationships with our clients that we’re excited to expand. 

Why attracted you to working with Mantra Media?

[Charlotte] I’ve known Johnny and Jason for 4 or 5 years now, since Mantra started out, and we’ve remained friends since. I believe in Mantra and Johnny and Jason, I wouldn’t have chosen to work with you again and again over the years if I didn’t. 

[Paul] I take things at face value, and I think you get a feel for a person straight away. Johnny is genuine, and wants to help us push the business along, not because of the profit but because he genuinely cares. Trust is a massive thing, and we trust you. There’s a good vibe going on here. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

[Paul] I would tell them to have a strong belief in their product and a proper passion for selling. I’d also say you need great marketing campaigns, because no matter how good your product is, if no one’s seeing it, it’s not going to work – without marketing, I’d probably still be programming in my bedroom! 

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Paul Oxley
Managing Director

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