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An online gifting store specialising in gift cards and eGifts, SVM ships over 15 million gift cards a year with the aim of eliminating wastage caused by unwanted gifts, and providing people with the presents they’d prefer to receive. We sat down with SVM’s Marketing Executive, Hester, to hear her thoughts about working alongside businesses with similar ethics at their heart.

Client Insights:
SVM / iGiftie

Tell us a bit about how your business started…

SVM provides all things gift cards for businesses, individuals and customers. SVM Limitless, our B2B membership platform, specialises in gift cards that aim to create better, healthier working environments. Business owners can reward their team through discounts, cashback, or help sustain their investment in their workplace through learning initiatives and health and wellbeing rewards. We also have the option for pre-registered surveys as part of SVM Limitless, to keep that communication within your workplace going, and let people know how each other are feeling. 

iGiftie was formed as the B2C arm of SVM; we saw a big gap in the market for a gift card supplier that markets to consumers, rather than businesses. Whereas SVM is targeted towards businesses looking to improve their company culture, iGiftie focuses on customer sales of eGifts and physical products. 

Where do you see the future of you business?

We have more gift cards coming, and we want to make the process even more user friendly so people can find the gifts they want to give easily. Ultimately, we want to be the one place people come to when they need a customisable gift card. Further down the line, we’re looking at offering flowers and custom items to our customers, too. 

Why did you choose to work with Mantra Media?

You’re based close by, which definitely helps! Ethics are behind everything we do, so we were really keen to work with a business with a similar mindset to us. I think we can really help each other grow, building those relationships with ethics at the core is really important to us in retail marketing. 

On a more practical level, Mantra has been super quick to offer opinions and advice when it comes to retail marketing, and every member of the team we’ve dealt with has been really helpful to offer advice from all angles. The whole of your team is also so friendly, you’ve won over every one of us. 

What advice would you give to someone starting up a business in their industry?

It’s busy. I’d say it’s important to work with retailers closely and get to know them well. Once you start building those relationships, you can offer a lot more choices to your customers, and begin helping each other grow.  I’d also say going digital is one of the best moves we’ve taken. Using eGifts and digital codes sets you apart from other competitors.

Here at Mantra, we take pride in crafting campaigns that help our clients pave the way to reaching their goals. If you’re interested in retail marketing or learning more about the ethics that inspire our approach, please do get in touch. 

Hester Gebbels
Marketing Manager

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