Small Steps for a Stronger Future: Making the most of LinkedIn groups

Are you making the most of LinkedIn groups? If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to maximising your LinkedIn groups, now’s the time to get to your head in the game.  LinkedIn groups are the place to be if you’re looking to make the best stance possible in your industry, and leverage your customer base. There are many components to LinkedIn groups that need to be understood before you try and tackle them head-on, so it’s important to get to know how and why they can help your business stand out.

What’s all the fuss about?

First and foremost, you need to know exactly what a LinkedIn group is, and how they can help you grow your business. LinkedIn groups are separate hubs which provide a place for professionals in the same industry, or with shared interests to share content, seek answers, find jobs and join in in general communications.

There are hundreds of LinkedIn groups available to join, by simply searching your interests and selecting the group’s tab, you’ll open yourself up to a whole new world of business opportunities.

Bringing benefits to your business

The benefits that LinkedIn groups can have for your business are endless. Being an active member of a group can help you and your business network with more professionals outside of your business field and your immediate circle. Networking within these groups will also help you get access to some of the most elite and established professionals of the platform.

As a business, having a LinkedIn group is invaluable for looking after your customers. When establishing a group, your brand creates a forum for your customers and audience to connect. If you’re a company looking to reach a specific target audience of industry professionals, LinkedIn groups are the best place to establish these relationships. LinkedIn groups are a great channel to share content to those who will find it most valuable which will allow for higher levels of engagement and more quality interactions.

Making the most of LinkedIn groups

Just by establishing or participating in a LinkedIn group,  you can greatly boost your brand’s name and online reputation. The sooner you can start engaging and posting in LinkedIn groups, the more chance you will have to start sharing your own brand’s content and ideas in return securing your credibility amongst the network.

Making your mark on your LinkedIn groups

There are two main ways you can take on LinkedIn groups. The first is simply joining and engaging in a pre-existing network. The second is to establish your own. For the earlier option, you can choose to search for specific LinkedIn groups in your industry or interests or have LinkedIn suggest and recommend groups that you may be interested in. Both of these choices are great – any engagement is better than no engagement. However, if you want to really stand out, your best bet is to create your own. 

Establishing your own LinkedIn group can have great returns. Aside from the name, summary and web link, there are many factors that help you create a warm and sociable environment to get users talking. Provide easy ways for members to introduce themselves, engage with both existing and new members consistently, be sure to share group rules and guidelines and send private messages to members to build positive relationships. Setting up groups is the simple part: establishing, growing and leveraging your community is the place to put your focus.

Leveraging your community’s LinkedIn groups

There are many ways you can encourage engagement in a group, whether you created it or simply joined it. Getting connections communicating is vital in LinkedIn groups, especially those that haven’t seen some engagement for a while. To get your network talking, take simple and straightforward steps to encourage engagement – ask questions that are relevant and engaging, remember to stay on topic, make each post relevant and pay attention to what other users are discussing to maximise your group’s potential. 

Means for business

Once you have consolidated consistent communications and established meaningful relationships with your connections, you can begin to reap the benefits that the network has to offer. Each member or every group is there for a reason, doing your research and finding out what each participant has to offer can provide you with great chances to exchange ideas and concepts to start building bridges amongst businesses. Using LinkedIn groups as a lead generation channel is also a great advantage. Users can be categorised and filtered by demographics to help you narrow down the most relevant connections and prospects who you can later bring into your sales funnel. With time comes trust. Build your brand as an industry thought leader, using LinkedIn groups as your demonstration. Respond to questions and posts thoughtfully and thoroughly to display your knowledge and expertise.

LinkedIn groups are the perfect place to grow your online community, build meaningful relationships and demonstrate why your business is best. Being engaging, consistent and aware will lead connections to where you need them to be.

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Making the most of LinkedIn groups

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