Exploring the Newsletter: Ramping up your brand recognition

Rounding everything up with a newsletter? Building your business relationships with a newsletter is an incredibly cost effective solution, but many of us are unaware of the multiple benefits they can bring with them. Newsletters are great for long-form pieces, company updates and keeping up general communications with everyone in your network, from prospects to existing and past clients. Knowing exactly how a regular newsletter can boost your business is the key to spreading awareness of your brand, driving sales and maximising your customer retention. 

Skills for the setup of your newsletter

Before we delve into the depths of what a regular newsletter can do for your business, let’s start with the bits and pieces you need for a successful and relevant release. 

Exploring the Newsletter

First things first, you need to establish the goal of your newsletter.Are you sharing company updates, product promotion, increasing sales or working to build your relationships? Making sure your newsletter goals tie into your company’s objectives will put you on the path to the greatest success. You should also consider how often you want to release your newsletter; whether you go for weekly, monthly or quarterly updates to be shared with your audience, it’s completely down to what works best for you and your audience. 

Next up, let’s talk about the newsletter content being shared with your readers. Carefully researched, well rounded and reputable content is the key to a thought-provoking and interesting read. There’s no need to do things exactly by the book. Your brand voice is integral to the way your newsletter reads; mirroring your tone throughout makes for the most exciting and refreshing round up, so don’t be scared to let your imagination run wild. Once you have the basics, it’s time to get creative, because exciting content should never be bogged down by boring templates. Your newsletter should have a defined style that reflects the branding and values of your business.

Once you’ve crafted your newsletter, it’s time to check out your compliance. Before hitting send, be sure that your emails are all good from a legal perspective. Making sure you are GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliant is crucial when it comes to dishing out your newsletters. If you’re all good to go on the legal front, you’re free to sit back and reap all of the data rewards. Measuring your metrics will allow you to make better-informed decisions about the success of your newsletters, sharing the most exciting updates to see the best return on your investment.

Boosting your business

There’s nothing quite like a newsletter for raising your brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to announce company news, share new products or give your opinions on the latest industry trends, a newsletter is the perfect publishing platform to use. Newsletters can help you to build more bridges with more of your network, and help you paint a bigger picture of your company values, services and ethics.

When it comes to demonstrating your expertise and building relationships between your client and your business, a newsletter is simply incomparable to any other platform. Newsletters that contain valuable and rounded content will establish your business as an industry leader, demonstrating your wealth of knowledge, and marking you as one step ahead of the rest

Nailing the sale

Exploring the Newsletter

Ticked the brand awareness and industry expertise boxes, and now looking to promote your latest products? A regular newsletter is your new best friend. With the onset of GDPR, newsletters have become available only to those signing up for them; while this means a more exclusive audience are reading them, there’s no greater pool of interested customers to be swimming in. You could consider using your newsletter to promote your latest products, or perhaps share a special offer with those in the know. Using your newsletter in this way allows you to put your products right in front of the people most interested in them, making for the most researched and well prepared sales. The more you communicate with your clients and prospects between purchases, the better you can build your relationship, making for the most successful sales. 

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