The Power of Photography

The power of photography comes from more than simply pointing and shooting a lens at a subject. With online marketing competition at an all-time high, the rise of social media means knowing how to effectively promote your brand through the right visual elements is essential. When approached correctly, photography catches all the right eyes, making sure you stand out amongst the crowd.

Visuals with a voice

High quality photography hits the mark every time. With the sheer volume of information being shared online, your business needs to do everything it can to grab the attention of your audience. Visual elements in your marketing strategy, especially those that capture your brand and values, will leave the competition snapping at your heels. Similarly, with so much information to fight through the crowd for, a compelling photograph is key to your audience’s interpretation of your brand and business.

Photography provides insight into exactly what your business is all about. Photographically strong business brands are dynamic, emotive and timeless. Adding photographs and visual elements to your marketing strategy will explain your business’s message, reiterating your brand identity. High quality visuals can be the perfect conversation starter. In this new era of marketing, photographs are much easier to consume quickly than text, giving your brand the opportunity to try something new and contemporary.

The power of photography

As humans, we are conditioned to make split-second judgements to a subconscious level. This instant is the perfect opportunity for your brand to use photography as a bridge for building trust with your audience. The most meaningful and insightful visuals will stick in your customers’ minds, giving them food for thought that triggers an instant reaction. 

Making your mark

With photography changing the marketing industry, it’s more important than ever to make a strong impression with your visual content. Whether it’s for your website or social media content, bespoke visuals now play an incredibly large part in audience engagement and how your brand is perceived.

Your marketing copy can only take your business so far. To really capture the interest and imagination of your audience, users need to be able to get a feel for what you offer, which is where photography comes in. To get your audience imagining themselves using your product or services, and go on to make that all-important enquiry or purchase, you need aspirational photography that really shows off your brand. Demonstrating your product being used by real people, or showing its use in real situations, will establish an instant connection with your audience.

High quality photographs extend so much further than just visual aesthetics in this day and age. Most businesses look to direct audiences to their website and a great way to do this is through SEO. In short, SEO allows you to optimise various elements of your website in an effort to perform better in search engine ranking results. There are many elements to SEO, one of these being images. Optimised photos can help your website be found easier and perform better in search results. Professional and visually pleasing images can also help to engage users and keep them on your site for longer periods of time, encouraging them you choose you over a competitor.

The power of photography

Competition is a constant hurdle faced in the world of marketing, especially that of the online variety. With social media platforms like Instagram now having over 700 million users, it can be difficult to know how you can set your photography aside from the rest. Masterful, detailed and powerful photography is crucial to the craft of your marketing campaign.

How do you get it right?

To compete in the marketplace you’ll need powerful, aesthetic imagery that comes from a professional source. Hiring a specialist will bring out the best of your brand and ensure that the visual fits not only your brand’s voice and values, but inspires your customers entirely.

Demonstrating how your product or service exists in the world through photography is essential in building brand and audience trust. You can have a fully functioning website and top-notch copy, but it’s the photography that will drive your brand forward in your industry. There’s only one chance to make a first impression with your audience: photography hits the bulls-eye every time, influencing your communications and marketing immediately.

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