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To stand out from the crowd, your business needs to pull something special out of the bag, creating an impact that will be sure to stand the test of time. Our vision for film all comes down to one thing: emotion, to make your audience feel something. The power of highly emotive visual content should never be understated. When of exceptional quality, film provides your organisation with an incredible means of effectively resonating with your audience. Emotive productions engage audiences in extraordinary ways, creating a long-lasting and breathtaking impression. This is exactly why our productions are of the highest cinematic look and quality.

Our Mantra

Our team consists of a full film crew including cinematographers, lighting specialists, visual and special effects experts, animators and sound engineers, as well as a team to compose original musical scores for each of our productions. Together, our specialist team craft your unique production to bring your ambitions closer than you thought possible. Controlling every aspect of the process, we ensure the most seamless execution of every project we undertake, handing your organisation an immersive, beautiful piece that showcases your work and welcomes vast interest.

We carry out every stage of production in-house, with each element carefully constructed under the watchful eye of our experienced team. Our approach to every project is unique, tailored to your precise vision for a finished product that truly resonates. Working closely on every stage of shooting and recording with meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee the highest quality production.


Executing each stage of our video production services in-house gives us complete control over your finished product. From pre-production to post, our team make sure no opportunity is missed when it comes to capturing the perfect moment.


The final polish is essential when producing beautiful film. Our attention to detail when applying the finishing touches to any of our productions is second to none, allowing us to fine-tune every element to encapsulate all that you need your audience to absorb.

High Quality

with our video production services, our team shoot each piece digitally using high-quality 4K broadcast standard equipment or on super 76mm film stock using an Arri SR3 Advanced. With this level of equipment at our disposal, we can turn any idea, big or small, into something truly spectacular.


A commercial is the perfect opportunity to effectively communicate your message. We produce cinematic commercials and branded short films, both fictional and documentary-style, with visionary award-winning directors for digital and broadcast distribution.


Creative, entertaining content that resonates with the consumer is a powerful way of capturing your target audience and communicating your brand values. The organic shareability of our video production services always has the potential to go viral, widening your global presence and the reach of your message.

(Animated Logo)

As the face of your values and mission, your logo should never feel static. Utilising an animated iteration of your logo creates a fresh dynamic for your brand identity with an unexpected twist, designed to capture the intrigue of your intended audience.


Mantra Films isn’t solely bound to live action. Animation is an incredible visual art form that allows for full creative control to perfectly bring your concept to life. Making use of their inspiring talents, our animation team produce a range of animation styles from 3D to 2D to tailor each piece to your ambitions.

Meaningful Outcomes

Your organisation deserves to be put in the spotlight. Our expertise allows us to craft and mould stunning pieces of film, intuitively capturing your core messages and values to share with the right audience and leave them inspired. Creating film that effectively resonates makes sure your brand’s message can be communicated across a range of different platforms, being shared with multiple eyes for an impression that never stays static.

All of our productions are designed to integrate effortlessly with your brand identity. Attention to detail lies at the core of our creativity, meaning that you’ll be presented with the highest quality film to captivate your audience and accelerate your organisation towards its ambitions.

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