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5 Team Motivation Steps for Returning to the Office

Are you missing collaborative team motivation and the buzz of being in the office? After adapting to working remotely and embracing this change for the last 4 months, some people are finally able to make the move from their home working environment back to their office desks. Moving away from the countless Zoom calls with children crying and dogs barking in the background, and returning to the vibrant office will be extremely comforting for many people, and a step towards normality. As well as making sure safety is at the top of your agenda, we’ve composed 5 key steps to encourage successful team motivation when you get back to the office. By following these top tips, encouraging your team, and sharing the same values, you will work towards achieving your business objectives and successfully drive your growth.


1. Define Achievable Goals For Team Motivation

Setting realistic and measurable goals will focus, inspire, and motivate your team. By providing targets, you will ensure each team member is supplied with actionable tasks that align with broader business objectives. This will give each colleague a sense of direction and inspire team motivation. They will be aware of their personal expectations and deadlines for specific tasks, so they should be able to prioritise their work according to set objectives. Making sure your team is working towards the same aims will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning. Whether you display your goals on an office whiteboard or use online tools such as Asana and Trello to share tasks, this will give your team motivation, clarity, and purpose. Achieving these set goals through a structured approach will provide satisfaction for your team and optimise your business’s performance. 


2. Get To Know Your Employees

Being empathetic and engaging with your employees will retain team motivation. One to one

meetings are an extremely useful way to identify the tasks they enjoy and the encouragement that motivates them. What makes them tick? Taking the time to get to know your employees on a personal level will make you aware of their career aspirations, hobbies and interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Using this more detailed impression of your colleagues, you will be able to understand their circumstances and allow flexibility and adaptability during this period to maintain team motivation. Demonstrating your commitment and respect towards your employees will help your team to stay productive and connected.


3. Strong Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are key concepts for team motivation. Through regular conversations, you will ensure each team member is aware of their specific tasks and the overall business goals they are contributing to. This allows a streamlined approach to tasks, which is efficient and focused. Communication through video calls or socially distanced team meetings is also vital to provide clarity, direction and team motivation.


Collaboration is an effective skill to allow the team to join on tasks and form a cohesive unit, using online tools such as Google Docs and Slack. Working together and supporting one another is paramount to your organisation’s success. Discussing ideas, delegating tasks, and engaging with one another will encourage team motivation so your office can bond, progress, and produce valuable work.


4. Encourage A Positive Team Spirit

Creating positive team morale will help to boost team motivation both inside and outside of work. Through maintaining high spirits and energy in the office environment, you will ensure that exceptional work is produced. By respecting one another and sharing the same set of values across your company, you will also promote inclusivity and cohesion. 


Making sure your team keeps moving will aid productivity. Incorporating exercise into your day by executing a fun morning team activity will energise your colleagues and kick-start their day to make sure they are prepared and focused. You could also introduce team building activities once a month outside of work to enhance team motivation and colleague relationships. This could include going to an escape room, playing mini-golf, singing your heart out at a karaoke night or having a more refined quiz evening.


5. Reward Your Team

Recognising your team’s successes and achievements, both big and small, by rewarding colleagues for their performance will provide job satisfaction and guarantee team motivation. Offering opportunities for progression within the business will also incentivise your team with the prospect of career growth. Praising and recognising your team for their performance and providing rewards, whether monetary or non-monetary, will also encourage your colleagues. Rewards such as flexible working hours, additional holidays and gift cards will boost morale, encourage team motivation and improve colleague relationships, so you can welcome positive results.


Making sure you build a positive office environment under the current circumstances is paramount for team motivation and increasing your organisation’s productivity. Ensuring you define business goals, communicate with your employees, and allow your team to collaborate will also lead to the production of high-quality work. 


At Mantra, we’re really missing the comfort of the office, but we’ve been making sure team motivation remains high by having structured routines and regular video calls. If you’re keen to boost team motivation through greater growth, get in touch with us to create strong strategies that’ll let you welcome new custom to your door.