What comes next?

As we embark on a new year and the sugar and excess carb comedown begins from all the seasonal ‘goodies’. Many of us will have created defined objectives and measurables’ to achieve over the New Year. Some easily attainable, some akin to reaching for the stars, ‘I feel an Oscar Wilde quote coming on’. Whatever your goals for 2018, we all know consistency is key. Habit forming behaviours that alter our focus and sharpen our acuity to opportunities around us. It’s true that whatever we focus on becomes, ‘the truth’ for good or bad.

A little over a week ago I was flying over Tokyo enjoying the complementary Sake and the latest issue of the Asahi Shimbun, reflecting on the opportunities that had appeared in the peripheries over the last year. The majority of those opportunities had appeared from unlikely sources, predominately emerging from activities motivated by our need to do something positive and give back. Every time we supported a cause that we were passionate about, an opportunity would appear, if almost by magic or instant karma, if you believe in such things. Perhaps this is a little too philosophical but it seems that every time we gave our time to supporting something incredibly positive for others, abundance soon followed. Obviously, we were selective, you have to be but having a collectivist approach to the world and the communities you work with produces, well for the Mantra Family, more meaning. Having an incredibly motivated and positive workforce that loves the clients you have the opportunity to work with definitely helps too!

what comes next?

Many of my colleagues and clients based in Japan understand the power of collectivism and the benefits that it has on social cohesion, culturally Japan is completely opposite to the west’s individualistic approach. There are obviously both pros and cons to this but on the whole, the greatest longevity, lowest crime rates and clean shared spaces definitely tilt the scales a little. My Japanese business partner has spent the last ten years shouting from the rooftops about the need for a global mindset for young people and a way of looking at the world without barriers. Something we both hold dear to our hearts. In our first year in business, we began working with organisations in four continents, I strongly believe that this is a reflection of our global mindset and belief that barriers are meant to be broken.

As we begin the new year this approach towards collectivism, a global mindset and always being mindful that giving will in some way leads to greater opportunities are themes that carry my organisation into 2018.

Good luck with your endeavours in the coming year. As my year eleven biology teacher told me as I left school, ‘Keep pushing back the barriers’.

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