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An Immersive Brand Experience for Positive Outcomes

Brand experience is becoming even more prevalent as online shopping increases in popularity. More and more businesses are coming up with innovative ways to bring their customers back to the high street, by making their stores and their products even more desirable to their consumers.


Quality is a big driver for shoppers these days. Customers don’t always necessarily want the cheapest product any more; they’re after the one that will perform the best and last the longest, so a quality brand experience is a must. Ethical products are also on the rise, with them becoming increasingly important to more and more shoppers. With greater awareness of the environment and product life cycles, customers are becoming eager for their purchases to keep their conscience clean. Keeping in mind things like carbon offsetting, recyclable or compostable packaging and giving back to communities all make for a brand experience that will attract the modern-day consumer.


It’s not only products though; customers are now looking for an actual brand experience that they can see and feel for themselves. A key tactic many brands are using to give their customers an experience and ultimately keep them in their shops for longer is opening a cafe.


This kind of brand experience is particularly prevalent in high-end fashion brands such as Burberry, Vogue, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, appealing to leisurely shoppers who have the time and the money to spend as they shop. However, as they increase in popularity, and as it’s becoming clear how well they work, we’re also seeing them pop up in places such as H&M and Pretty Little Thing, making them more accessible for the average consumer. The appeal for the customers is not only a refreshment as they shop, but it’s also something a bit different for social media. A coffee as you search for your new work outfit? Previously unheard of, consumers are clearly excited by this new kind of brand experience, encouraging them to post pictures and stories on their social media accounts, creating a domino effect of positive engagement for the brand itself.


Not only this, having a coffee shop inside a store gives another reason for customers to come inside, stay inside and meet their friends and family, making for a welcoming and useful space that consumers want to experience. Shopping now has the opportunity to become more than just a job on a to-do list, or an easy way to spend a Saturday morning. Now it’s a get-together, it’s a social outing and it’s a brand experience that will be remembered, shared and spread throughout the high street and across the country.


These cafes will create a space for customers to truly take in the brand experience; through interaction with staff, the food and drink available, and the branded decor that will ultimately keep them coming back time and again. A brand experience such as this is a simple way to bring another dimension to a retailer, another reason for people to go, and an encouragement for them to stay and even bring their friends. A new brand experience will always be shouted about on social media, so make sure it’s a positive one and watch as the customers begin to line up at your door.


Here at Mantra, we aim to create an immersive brand experience for all our clients and contacts who visit Ikigai House. The Mantra brand is visible from the moment you enter our building. The journey begins with tones of blue and grey throughout, which create a calming and serene atmosphere the second you step through our front door. You’ll then notice the nods to Japanese culture through the crafts we have on show. Those who have been before know exactly where they are when we ask them to remove their shoes; something we’ve always done as a nod to Japanese tradition, and to make us all feel more at home.


Our brand experience ultimately lies in our people too. Everyone who works here omits an energy of positivity to each and every person who rings our doorbell. We love to welcome new people and new businesses to Ikigai House, as well as our well-loved and long-lasting clients, so creating a brand experience exactly how we’d like to be seen is incredibly important to us. We want each and every one of our visitors to feel welcome and comfortable when they come to see us at Ikigai House, and we strive to achieve this through our natural friendliness and inclusivity.


With brand experience being high up on everyone’s list, we’ve now further added to our own brand experience at Ikigai House. Whilst we don’t quite have our own cafe, we do now have a unique drinks menu that’s Mantra through and through. Upon arrival, each of our guests can choose a refreshment from our menu, instantly making them feel welcomed to Ikigai House, and making their experience with us one to remember. From an array of teas to our classic matcha, a visit to Mantra Media will be far from the expected for our new clients and prospects, and will be just like coming home for our regular visitors.


If you’d like to find out more about creating an immersive brand experience or experiencing ours, don’t hesitate to get in touch.