Building Brands Beyond Borders

Without being too hyperbolic, can competently creative marketing change lives?

building brands beyond borders

One of our guiding forces at Mantra Media is impact. The ability to create a productive impact in order to produce a positive change in the world. We believe that positive impact can be a direct result of supporting businesses, helping them to flourish, creating more opportunities for people in local communities and the developing the economic health of cities. This is a fundamental part of the purpose of Mantra. This philosophy believes that we all succeed together. A very different approach if you’re familiar with the history of marketing but that’s an article for another time. I often write about our larger international projects as people often ask about our projects across continents but in this article I will discuss a small business looking beyond borders that we started working with last August and where we’ve managed to take their company in only 5 months.

If you’re familiar with Mantra, you’ll know that we work with organisations as diverse as social housing projects for single mothers in Kyoto to British medical latex manufacturers exporting to India. We support them in a multitude of ways from brand creative and development from sound market research to campaigns driven from audience testing and journey maps. Once a brand has been built we develop a considered and competent marketing strategy to ensure resonance with their prospective consumers. This may sound like common sense but unfortunately too many agencies ‘just wing it’ and our aim is to effect change from inside the industry by demonstrating to clients what can be achieved through a more commonsense approach to communications strategies.

Building Brands Beyond Borders

When I launched Mantra in January 2015, I firmly stated that we would support any organisation regardless of their size as long as they met our ethical framework. A different way of doing things but a method we proudly stand behind. This means that we need to sometimes turn clients away and this is a good thing because it demonstrates your commitment to your values. Your accountant might not like it but you will sleep at night and your team will feel invested in being part of something beyond capital, there’s another article there for another time’. This is more rare than it should be.

In August of last year we began working with a U.K based sole trader, a small fashion company using ethically sourced materials (meets our values) looking to sell their products across Europe. At the time she was turning over around £600/month and needed to dramatically increase this figure in order to grow her business and make it a sustainable for her family. She commissioned us to provide, Blogging, SEO, Social Media Management and Social PPC services. Quite a lot from us for a one person business so we had to make this work for her and ensure a healthy return on her investment. You should always be able to have a bird’s eye vision of where you’re going so how did we monitor this? We recorded sales conversions from the organic traffic lift from SEO and blog activity, and with Facebook using a Conversion Pixel. What was the result? Every month her turnover and income dramatically rose. In December 2018 she turned over nearly £3500, around six times from back in August of last year. Imagine the difference this can make to a small business and the life of it’s owner.

This is by no means a rare case study either. We’ve supported many sole traders and startups over the last four years, taking them from micro businesses to larger corporate entities. One of our case studies last year featured taking a firm from 2 to 15 employees through the delivery of social media marketing alone, a case study we detail in our ‘About Mantra’ booklets.

What both of these clients in particular also both have in common is their openness to conduct business beyond borders, not holding themselves back to one city, country or continent. There’s a lot to be said for sustainability too by doing business across the world.

If you need growth and want to build a bigger business, we’re here to make that possible.

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