A Thousand
Years Later
(Atelier Japan)

Atelier Japan

Atelier Japan is a one of a kind online store, bringing together the most prestigious and longest standing traditional craft companies across Japan. They create sustainability for traditional Japanese craft companies with craft marketing despite the domestic market shrinking over the past 50 years.

What were our

To develop a brand, e-commerce website, content, product photography and ongoing social media marketing campaigns in order to reach a British audience, creating regular online sales for each maker’s unique products.


We designed a luxury brand, created video and photographic content, and designed and developed a user focused online shop and a social media campaign to drive online sales.

What did we deliver


Website Design
& Development



Social Media

Social Media
Pay Per Click

Our Outcomes

Atelier Japan has become so successful as a recognised brand amongst British consumers interested in Japanese goods, that in 2018 it has been officially recognised by the Kyoto Prefectural Government as a force for social good, keeping traditional Japanese crafts alive. With our craft marketing Atelier is now being showcased alongside the Kyoto Government at London Craft Week.

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