Solid Foundations for the Next Generation (Aspire2Work)


Aspire2Work provide educational opportunities to young people furthest away from formal education. They deliver a series of programmes with the aim ‘to ensure that more young people can gain the skills, confidence and drive they need to achieve their goals, realise their dreams and get a good job’.

What were our

To develop a strategic marketing campaign and measurement or reporting methodology to reach and engage with young people in locations with the highest NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) levels.


Our social media and PPC team designed a demographically targeted online campaign with compelling visuals and messages in order to resonate with young people and to encourage them to sign up for educational opportunities.

What did we deliver

Social Media


Facebook &
Instagram PPC

Data Collection
& Analytics

Our Outcomes

More young people signed up to educational opportunities as a direct result of our education marketing campaign than any other campaign conducted previously. The campaign messaging was so successful that the young people became online course advocates, tagging friends into our PPC ads and social media content.

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