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The Isobar

The Isobar is a recently launched Cloud-based desktop hosting company who specialise in Sage integration. They offer specialist services in Sage Hosting, Sage Development, Sage-based Solutions and Sage Training.

What were our

To increase brand awareness and encourage more businesses to use their services through property marketing. To become known as a leader in the industry through effective social media and website design.


We began with a research project to understand the ins and outs of the industry and create effective branding. We then designed a brand new website and launched social media channels, SEO, blogging and PPC in order to reach a specific and relevant audience to raise awareness of the brand in appropriate industries.

What did we deliver



Website Design
& Development

Social Media

Pay Per Click

Search Engine



Our Outcomes

We created a recognisable and eye-catching property marketing brand, so that within just a few months, we’re consistently reaching over 1,000 Facebook users every single day through carefully crafted social media content and PPC. This alongside SEO and blogging is allowing their business to reach a continually growing and relevant audience.

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