Digital Marketing Strategies: How your business can benefit from blogging

As a business, you are constantly surrounded by a plethora of digital marketing strategies, each one causing confusion and blocking your view of which direction will lead you to strong, successful outcomes. With so many digital marketing strategies to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business? The strategy comes down to your individual business objectives, but one area that stands out amongst the crowd is blogging.

Blogging is one of the most popular services out there but it’s regularly underestimated; it relies on carefully crafted content and strong SEO value to increase the online visibility of your business. Think of blogging as an additional marketing channel that compliments your pre-existing ones, or in other words, a long-form way to deliver detailed content and diffuse information to your audience. However, it can be hard to tell where the metadata stops and the Google rankings begin, so when it comes to getting your digital marketing strategy right, you’ll need a set of finely-tuned skills and expert knowledge.

Perfecting Content Placement

Thinking about where to post your content to make sure it is seen by the right eyes can be difficult to get your head around. As the years have passed, digital marketing strategies have evolved to adapt to the needs of both businesses and users, meaning that everyday social media platforms like LinkedIn have already put the effectiveness of business blogging into the spotlight. Should you be feeling a bit more adventurous with your digital marketing strategies and looking to test the SEO waters, regularly posting quality blogs on your website is your golden ticket to increased visibility. Even the simplest of WordPress websites can be transformed into effective content sharing platforms to reel in the interest of your target audience.

Believe it or not, digital marketing strategies don’t come easily. Writing a couple of paragraphs on a somewhat relevant topic and dumping them in the deep dark depths of your website will do you no good. Blogging as a digital marketing strategy has developed to become much more intricate in terms of length, relevance and placement, making it quite the task to tackle. Making sure that your site can rank as high as possible and that your blog content is easy enough to spot on your site will give your content and business the best chance of being seen. It’s worth noting here that if you don’t already have a website with a blog page by now, you should probably think about investing in one.

Engaging your Audience

With the online world becoming more and more competitive for engagement and reach, the digital marketing strategies you choose have to stand head and shoulders above the rest to grab your audience’s attention. Effective digital marketing strategies suggest that choosing topics with a dedicated direction that are focused on industry insights is the very first step to securing a successful blog. If your content isn’t relevant and shouting about interesting elements of your business, not much else will fall into place. Doing some detailed research and gaining a perspective into what topics are truly piquing your audience’s interest will help you to design blogs that are original and forward thinking.

Clear and Consistent Content

Digital marketing strategies aren’t something to rush headfirst into, and blogging is no exception. Leaping into action can mean that many details are often overlooked, with the top contender often being the content itself. Making sure that your blogs are strategic, strong and make sense is key to not only securing the right audience but building trust in Google’s eyes.

If you want your content to go anywhere, it has to be deemed relevant by Google, which is where more comprehensive know-how comes into play. Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation go hand in hand. In order to show Google that your content is deemed worthy of a high ranking, there are a few boxes that your blog has to tick. Choosing relevant and high ranking keywords combined with an engaging angle will significantly boost your business blog’s performance. 

Getting Down to Onsite Essentials 

The most sensible digital marketing strategies understand that there’s more to be mastered when it comes to the SEO side of things. Optimising the SEO features on sites such as WordPress to their fullest potential will open your business up to the best organic opportunities. Strong digital marketing strategies keen to make a bang with their blogging and SEO will focus on aspects such as metadata, a small piece of text about your blog that appears on Google. This snippet should be intriguing yet still relevant to not only attract users but allow search engine algorithms to easily establish the relevance of your content.

Lastly, you need to think visually. Images work like a charm for sparking the interest of your readers and also add SEO relevance to your blog, which is exactly why digital marketing strategies have adapted to make use of effective visual content in blog creation. Visual content will help you to grab website traffic from image searches, but only if the more complex onsite SEO features such as alt text and image descriptions are handled with care.

Whether you want to talk through your current digital marketing strategies, are in need of a website to accommodate your blogs or are looking for strategic content curation, our guidance is based entirely on your unique objectives. At Mantra Media, we specialise in creating rounded, forward-thinking digital marketing strategies that let your business create a stronger impact. Get in touch to gain perspective on reaching your ambitions.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies
Digital Marketing Strategies

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