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Digital marketing strategy in the global ecosystem

Have you ever wondered how your digital marketing strategy can help you expand globally? It is undeniable that globalisation has generated tremendous opportunities for brands to enter various markets across the globe. Although alongside all the positive opportunities that globalisation has brought, negative and challenging aspects came with it. Nowadays, companies cannot be complacent with simply doing business in one country. Thus, one of the most important questions that modern markets are facing now is how can you tailor a digital marketing strategy to successfully expand a brand globally. 

Marketing agencies and departments of nowadays companies have to face fierce competition on a global scale. As they are no longer limited only to the competitors in their local area or even a country. Therefore, whether you plan to enter foreign markets or not, you have to compete with international brands. With the right and well-planned digital marketing strategy, it is possible to capitalise on the opportunities that globalisation has to offer. Hence what should we stay mindful of to create a tailored marketing plan?

What is marketing’s role in globalisation?

Global marketing refers to various meanings such as the coordination and integration of marketing activities in different countries. If a brand that was originally founded for example in England, wants to launch its services or products for the Asian market then its marketing would become global. In such a case we would need to consider all the practices that will be essential to carry out to enter a new market with the right digital marketing strategy. Marketing is an ever-changing industry that requires constant monitoring and research to stay on top of recent trends, economic issues, and various circumstances that can directly impact consumers’ spending behaviour. A tailored digital marketing strategy will allow you to engage with audiences across the world.

Cultural Barriers

Building a brand and product that can transcend multiple cultural barriers is one of the biggest challenges that companies have to face. Whenever you plan to enter a new foreign market, it is important to consider how various cultures may differ from each other. For instance how certain words or phrases, can be received by a local community. Our advice for that is simple, don’t rush, and check how your slogan and catchphrase translate or if your product should be adjusted to a market. Your digital marketing strategy should provide you with all the essential information that you need would need to position your company within a new market and new competitors. 

Even though it sounds like a complicated process with professionals’ help and tailored digital marketing strategy you can achieve your growth objections or even surpass them. One of the best examples of a successful global brand is Domino’s, which became one of the most well-known pizza brands across the world. This pizza brand managed to enter multiple markets worldwide by adapting its standard business model to various cultures. By including basic but thorough research into your digital marketing strategy you will gain a basic understanding of how you should approach introducing your brand to a new audience. This is why research needs to come always first. Conducting research into your industry in a certain country means that you’ll be on the cusp of any current and upcoming trends, meaning you can craft your content strategy to tailor your posts to the exact interests of your target audience. 

Lost in translation

When entering different markets, brands need to rightly conduct reams of research to ensure they are as appealing as possible in their new territories. A thorough digital marketing strategy needs to include how the names of brands names or catchphrases are translated, especially those that can be as equally important as the brand name. Catchphrases effectively evoke brands’ value, hence if you get them wrong it may significantly impact the way your brand image is received. For example, Nike is well known for its “Just Do It” which greatly communicates the need to embrace an active lifestyle. But in the past we could witness some linguistics faux pas as well, for instance when Mercedes-Benz launched in China, the Chinese translation for the company was Bensi, which means ’rush to your death’. The mistake was quickly corrected to Ben Chi, which translates as ’dashing speed’. This is one of the examples of why market research should be central for a bespoke digital marketing strategy to avoid these kinds of errors. 

Digital marketing strategy for global brands

A bespoke marketing plan should be based on your objectives and how you can fit into the new market you’ll be targeting. The right marketing agency will ensure to showcase your business’ values and key selling points in the most effective and appealing way to your new target audience. Here at Mantra, we know how important solid market research is to craft a bespoke digital marketing strategy to effectively expand globally. With precision and carefully crafted content, our team will create a tailored digital marketing strategy that will guide your business to success.