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Promoting health and wellbeing right in the heart of Sheffield City Centre, Mudra moved into new premises in Sellers Wheel earlier this year, sharing their message of positivity and wellbeing with a wider audience. We heard from Eva Weltermann, Mudra’s Co-Director, to learn more about the importance of wellness marketing when it comes to learning new skills, and taking the time to focus on yourself.

Client Insights:
Mudra Massage & Yoga

Tell us a bit about how Mudra started out…

Mudra started as an offshoot of Sheffield Centre for Massage Training, which opened in 1995, focusing on holistic massage. We were originally based in Nether Edge and moved to new premises in Sellers Wheels in March this year. Sellers Wheel is a nice place, we were really taken with the building, and Sheffield Centre for Massage Training actually first opened on Arundel Street! So it feels like we’ve undergone a full circle in that sense. 

We’ve seen a big change in the kind of customers we’re getting since moving to the city centre. We wanted to introduce yoga alongside massage training because the two go hand in hand. Both build relaxation, self-awareness and flexibility, but to stay strong, you need to be doing yoga regularly. If you want to build up your strength, yoga’s perfect. 

How did you get involved with massage training and yoga?

I’ve been a massage therapist for 3 years now. I got into yoga because I was going through a few difficult things, and yoga improved my breathing, anxiety, bodily issues…my body was falling apart, and yoga really helped me in that sense. I’ve always wanted to do a job where I could use my hands – when I left my desk job translating, it was a toss-up between massage and joinery! I took to massage training straight away, and within 6 months I’d changed profession.

Where do you see the future of your business?

There are 2 sides to Mudra: the student-focused side, that offers massage training, advanced courses, sports massage and foundation courses, and the client-facing side, where we offer massages for very good value, and massage clinics throughout the day. Our yoga classes and massage training work well together, so people can choose whether they want to do both. In the future, we want to reach more city centre professionals, as well as more people outside the city – we’re based right in the heart of Sheffield, only a couple of minutes from the train station. We can help professionals get set up for their day, wind down in the evening, and even help them have a more relaxing lunch break. Ultimately, we’re going to be growing our client and student focus, sharing our positive impact for people to lead a better life. 

What attracted you to working with Mantra Media?

From the very start of our relationship with you, we liked that you took the time to come in and see us. Natalie, in particular, is really very sweet, and we’ve met really nice people at your end. We share a very similar philosophy with you, which I think is important with wellness marketing. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

If you’re looking for a career that’s rewarding, enriching and gives you immediate positive feedback, you can learn a lot from massage and yoga. With the current political climate, people are hesitating to take the leap into a new role, but massage and yoga can really help you react better to everything around you. You can really get something positive out of it; it will stabilise your mind and improve your life. You’re not going to see different results if you’re always doing the same thing. Massage and yoga can be that catalyst for positive change. 

Eva Weltermann


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