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Mantra’s marketing solutions - what your startup needs

Whether you are new to the market or experienced in starting up businesses, our marketing solutions will guide you through the process of entering the industry of your interest. While your organisation might have a clear business plan, and know who its competitors are, the selected marketing solutions and tactics will need a deeper understanding of the industry you are planning to target – let us tell you why! 


Before we begin to work with each client, we always recommend starting with intuitive research. That will enable us to mold your startup marketing solutions to your business aims and objectives, whilst effectively targeting your audience with content that engages and resonates. 


marketing solutions


Research comes first

Our tailored marketing solutions will offer a great advantage in brand awareness, visibility, and help you to stand out from the competition. Our extensive research covers each key insight into actionable guidance that will drive the success of your startup marketing strategy. With insightful knowledge of your industry, you will become up to date with all current and upcoming trends.


Whilst you may be sure that you know everything regarding your audience; where to find them, and how to approach them, our research results will enlighten you with new innovative ideas! The marketing solutions we provide based on the report findings will guide you through the process of establishing your startup and can be a base for a further fruitful marketing plan.


Through the analysis of your target audience, your startup will be able to reach the right users who are your potential customers and investors. Knowing your audience inside and out is one of the key elements to begin your journey in expanding your brand. Our marketing solutions are tailored to be highly appealing for your target market and will provide you with crucial insights, the hot topics, and trends your audience are talking about, and detailed demographics. Audience analysis is an essential part of our marketing solutions and is a valuable insight worth taking the time to know. 


Industry insights are another crucial aspect to craft the right marketing strategy for your young startup. Whether you are planning to enter a completely new industry or continue dominating one that you know like the back of your hand, our expert clever analysis tends to impress even the ones with years of experience in their specialised field. With an eye on best practices and current opportunities that your startup can benefit from, our tailored marketing solutions based on deep industry analysis will guide your business growth. 


Watch, learn, and draw conclusions

The next step of our deep-dive analysis is looking at your competitors, to point out major opportunities, and trends that your startup can use as a part of your strong and sustainable marketing strategy. Based on the report findings, our thorough marketing solutions will provide you with practical knowledge of how you can learn from your competitors rather than beat them. This part of the research seeks for ideas of what is and isn’t working, or if they missed any prospective opportunities. Therefore, our suggested marketing solutions will be tailored to industry-specific requirements. Which will help you to take advantage of current trends and the planning of your strategy to grow at a sustainable rate and stand out from your competitors. 


marketing solutions


Once we know your objectives and the audience, we make recommendations for your marketing strategy based on the in-depth report analysis and findings of your sector.


Our team undertakes comprehensive research, to pinpoint what language and tone of voice will most effectively resonate with your audience. When it comes to creating content that your startup will publish, it is essential to know what the most appealing and engaging language for your audience is. This is why the research report will guide you on how you should interact with your followers and connections. Based on the findings we will be able to navigate you on how you can bring some personality to your content, and at the same time make sure you deliver the right message, to the right users at the right time. Effective communication of your core values and purpose is essential in marketing solutions. 


Marketing solutions that will take you to the top!

Our bespoke marketing solutions are extremely effective because they are based on data-driven analysis and in-depth researched knowledge, personalised to each client’s needs. It is essential to address right marketing solutions for your startup that will be tailored to correctly address and promote the message their startup needs to spread in order to establish a strong digital presence. Our marketing solutions will help your startup to sustainably grow and deliver your unique message to the right people who will benefit from your services. Contact our dedicated team of creative experts to find out how our marketing solutions can help your startup take off in your industry!