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Social Media Marketing Tactics

While your organisation’s digital marketing tactics should always be a priority, shifting business landscapes created by the pandemic mean that now really is the time to let your online presence shine. For a strategy that stands the test of time, your marketing tactics need to be executed wisely for the best possible results. That’s where social media marketing comes in.  


1. Make things personal


As marketing tactics go, authenticity can’t be beaten. Humans respond best to other humans. The emotional connection created by smiling faces, nostalgia and relatable content all build trust with your audience. Adding a personal touch to every one of your social media posts helps share your brand values and individual motivations, allowing you to connect with each and every member of your network on a much more familiar level. 

As well as making sure your brand never runs the risk of appearing faceless, embracing your authenticity will lead to a loyal customer base. Attracting those with a similar mindset makes for a connection that really means something. Ultimately, this makes for tangible outcomes with real longevity. 


2. Get your colleagues on board


For the best possible results with your marketing tactics, get your team involved too. It’s no longer enough to have an infrequently updated company Facebook page, and call it a day. The most effective brands tell a story; your social media marketing tactics should share the breadth and depth behind your business, not just your services. Simply highlighting the individual roles each of your team plays is a great place to start. Insights into your team’s working life, and the quirks and personality traits that make your colleagues unique might be mundane to you, but have the power to add an extra spark of interest to your connection’s newsfeeds. 


3. Up your posting frequency


Engaging, thought provoking content will never go out of date. One of the most effective and easily executed marketing tactics out there, making sure you post regularly across both your personal and company pages will give your online visibility an instant boost. It’s important to note that your social media content isn’t going anywhere, either. Consistent, thoughtful posting shows your audience that you’re there to stay – if you pay care and attention to your social media presence, you’ll pay attention to them too. 

There’s no time like the present to make the most of the range of social media channels at your disposal, too. Been neglecting LinkedIn lately? With over 600 million professionals now active on the platform every day, dusting off your LinkedIn profile gives you immediate access to the world’s biggest business network. Don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing tactics to connect you to real opportunities. 


4. Keep your audience in mind


Different marketing tactics appeal to different people. Publishing high quality, interesting content in a whole variety of formats and media helps your brand stand out, making sure you can always grab the attention of your target audience. 

From high-quality visuals to action inspired video, the marketing tactics you choose should stay aligned with your values for the best possible result. Have an idea for an enlightening conversation with someone in your network? Record it as part of an innovative podcast series. Trying to explain a particularly tricky concept? A well-designed infographic will ensure your readers are kept engaged, interested and inspired to find out more.


5. Stay part of the wider conversation


As the business world takes things online, a strong social media presence is fast becoming the new networking. That means that as your business responds to the changes, your sales and marketing tactics need to remain resilient. Keeping in touch with your clients and wider industry across your social media channels is a great way of getting your organisation’s name out there. Taking the time to offer advice to your connections, and liking, sharing and reacting to your network’s posts will make sure you’re the go-to contact in your industry. This will build that all-important trust with your brand, making sure you’re being noticed by all the right eyes.  

Now’s the time to boost your brand visibility. Whether you need a hand taking your operations online, engaging visuals to complement your social media strategy or tips on rising through the Google rankings, we’re here to help. For digital marketing tactics that really pack a punch, feel free to get in touch with our team on 07498969390.


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