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Employing an Office Dog

Recently, my dog became the office dog for the day. Whilst I was willing her to be on her best behaviour, everyone seemed to be thriving off her presence, and she didn’t let me down on the behaviour front either.

At first, she was clearly nervous, which was to be expected, but within an hour or two, she had well and truly settled in as our office dog. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, approaching and nuzzling anyone who’d offer her a moment of attention. The excitement in the office spiked as new people entered and saw we’d gained a furry friend for the day.

How has an office dog affected life at Ikigai House?

It’s becoming common knowledge now that an office dog offers all kinds of advantages for a workforce. Having a four-legged friend around reduces stress, improves productivity and boosts morale, and it was plain to see that Seal contributed to all of these. Although our office dog has no awareness of the effect she has on those around her, we felt her presence throughout the day, and so did our moods. Although Seal is a young and excitable office dog, she knows when it’s time to be calm, and watching her sneak around the office on the hunt for affection was endearing, to say the least.

Having an office dog helps to keep everyone calm when things get a bit stressful. Their innocence and affection puts our problems into perspective and gives us the headspace to solve them. An office dog eagerly waiting to be stroked gives people the opportunity to have a break away from computer screens, even if it is just for a couple of minutes of stroking, and somehow, dogs put everyone in a good mood. Their calming and loving presence naturally encourages everyone’s best work as well as increases their motivation.

Office dogs encourage team building, providing a source of conversation and a common interest among the whole team, even if they don’t necessarily have very much in common. This means you naturally have conversations you wouldn’t normally have, and potentially with people you might not normally engage with. An office dog provides a point of interest with those who may work in a different part of the building, who you don’t know too well, giving a conversation topic among the unlikeliest of colleagues.

An office dog won’t fail to contribute to a friendly feel in the workplace. When news of an office dog spreads, everyone will want to come and have a pet at some point during the day. This allows for new connections to be made with coworkers, and offers them an alternative discussion point aside from work, building strong foundations for productive relationships, all thanks to the office dog. Although collaboration is at the heart of our operations here at Mantra, Seal didn’t fail to encourage a day of even greater positivity, productivity and happiness throughout our offices at Ikigai House.

Benefits all round!

It’s safe to say that our office dog enjoyed her day too. Whilst she’s normally in the house alone for a lot of the day, it was a real treat for her to socialise with new people and get all the attention she needs and deserves throughout the day. As with many dogs, there’s nothing she loves more than people and attention, so it was the ideal setting for her.

It was great for me too, knowing that she was happy and proving to myself that she is in fact well behaved! She enjoyed several little walks throughout the day as people took breaks, which is an advantage for everyone involved. Coming back to the office after having fresh air with the office dog means you feel ready to get back to work with a clear mind and a fresh pair of eyes. Having Seal here with me meant that I didn’t have to wonder what she was up to either, because I could see for myself if she was getting into mischief. It was a beautiful experience to bring a little bit of my home into work; and I feel like the people I work with every day have gotten to know me and my world a little bit better.

It was a pleasure for me to have my own pet take the role of the office dog for the day, and you could almost see the morale soaring throughout the building, simply by her just being there. Our office dog provided a source of entertainment, a source of comfort and a source of positivity, which I think is just what is needed in a busy and thriving office. Since that first day, she’s been asked back several times, so she now knows all her new colleagues and struts around Ikigai House like it’s her own home. Becoming the office dog has allowed Seal to make some new friends and enjoy some extra walks. Employing an office dog has brought all of us here at Mantra even closer, allowing us to focus on our work with clear heads as we feel positivity and productivity soaring through our bones and our building.

If you’re looking to build the bridges between the departments in your office, or you just want to find out more about life here at Ikigai House, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.