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5 Ways to Optimise your Website with Powerful SEO

Is your website optimised with powerful SEO? How would you achieve this to successfully drive traffic to your website?


SEO is a powerful marketing tool that ensures you attract the attention of the right audience at the right time. Whether this audience consists of your existing customers or new prospects, allowing people to connect with your business by creating a powerful SEO strategy will enhance your marketing efforts. This will enable you to stand out in the highly competitive online market and continuously promote your content on search engines. By developing a comprehensive SEO strategy, you will target your campaigns effectively and ensure your website ranks highly in organic search results. We’ve formulated 5 top tips to help you optimise your website for powerful SEO, which means you will improve your ranking in SERPs, boost your organisation’s visibility, and successfully drive traffic to your website.


1. Use Relevant Keywords to Boost SEO

Strong keywords are the foundation for a powerful SEO strategy. Performing in-depth keyword research will provide valuable insights about trending keywords that match the search terms your audience are using, and increase your website’s visibility. By focusing on long-tail keywords with less competition, you will ensure you are strategic with your SEO keywords to produce relevant marketing campaigns for specific audiences. Using your keyword in the title, a subheading, and about 3-5% of your blog content will boost your ranking on search engines, but make sure you don’t use the keyword too frequently, because this could be identified as spam. Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest and SEMrush will assist you in identifying relevant keywords for your blog to build a personalised, profitable, and powerful SEO campaign.


2. Craft High-Quality Content Tailored to Your Target Audience

Speaking the language of your target audience will ensure you craft content that will reach the eyes of the customers that matter most, and allow them to connect with your brand. By understanding your consumer’s online behaviour, you will create targeted content on your website for powerful SEO. Integrating images, videos and podcasts into your website with effective metadata and alt tags will guarantee a positive and multimodal user experience, which will keep your audience engaged and increase your ranking in search results. 


Updating your content regularly and posting frequently is also a powerful SEO strategy, which will present your organisation as a relevant source online. If you want to address audiences across borders, you can provide different language options on your website. This multilingual SEO approach will engage a broader international base to increase your traffic, but make sure you don’t use automated translation software because search engines may recognise this as spam.


3. Getting Ahead With Voice Search

Being on track with changing trends and being forward-thinking is important for optimising your website for powerful SEO on various devices. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular in the current society, and with the introduction of Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other smart devices, voice search SEO is vital. Many consumers want immediate information on the go and use mobile devices to achieve this. So, making sure your web design is responsive and mobile-friendly is important for attracting more online traffic.


When optimising your site, you need to be mindful of this increase in spoken searches. Taking into account the differences between spoken and written searches will enable you to optimise your website for voice search to provide your users with information quickly and easily. Using questions or long-tail keywords will be more effective for voice search, as voice queries tend to be more conversational. By using the natural language voiced by your audience, you will connect more with your users, raise brand awareness, and increase website traffic.


4. Optimise Your Pages to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Optimising your website using powerful SEO will help search engines to understand your pages, and recognise high quality and original content, which will improve your position in search rankings. Compressing images will also boost your page loading time and provide a positive user experience to encourage consumers to return to your page. Giving your images descriptive alt tags, ensuring your URL includes keyword matches, and incorporating your keyword into your page title, meta-description, and heading will ensure you build on powerful SEO. This on-site SEO will, in turn, boost your brand’s visibility so you can enjoy greater traffic, engagement and successful conversions.


5. Make Backlinks Central to Your Off-Site SEO

Utilising backlinks is another useful tool for optimising your website, and should be at the heart of your off-site SEO strategy. Creating content that links to other relevant websites will help search engines to recognise your website as a good quality and relevant source. Likewise, when highly-trusted websites such as government and university websites backlink to your content, this will also signal the value of your business. This off-site, powerful SEO technique will increase your organic ranking in Google and increase your visibility, so your brand is seen by the audience that matters most.


By performing detailed keyword research, creating tailored content, and optimising your site through on-site and off-site SEO, you will increase your brand’s visibility. Making sure you set measurable business goals for your powerful SEO strategy will allow you to track conversions, engagement and acquisition using analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel. This will allow you to gain information on how well your strategy is performing, enabling you to identify if you need to adjust your SEO plan to match the continually shifting online trends.

At Mantra, our SEO experts will boost the visibility of your website through carefully designed and powerful SEO strategies, allowing you to welcome the benefits of ranking highly on Google. Our free SEO tool will also help you to perform better on search engines, providing you with a detailed on-screen report to ensure you reach the right audience at the right time. Contact us via social media, email or telephone for powerful SEO that’ll let you put your best foot forward, increase the traction on your website, and generate tangible results.