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Productive Ways to Spend Your Time in Self - Isolation

Finding ourselves in self-isolation, for many across the UK, is a situation we never could have imagined, nor predicted. Nonetheless, as of the 23rd of March, the Government has enforced a lockdown period upon the UK. Staying at home is ensuring the safety of you and those around you, so while the opportunity is here, let’s encourage each other to make the best out of a bad situation. 


We’ve all found ourselves in a new world where vocabulary such as social distancing, flattening the curve and isolation are now in our everyday language. We’re all beginning to quickly adapt to the challenges the changes are bringing to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to people the world over. Now’s the time we really need to put We Before Me, by simply staying at home and using our time in the most productive ways possible.


Whilst the country’s key workers are still toiling hard, many of us are now finding ourselves at home, perhaps more than we’ve ever been. For some, isolation doesn’t seem too much of a big deal, however for others the mere thought of isolation is a challenge, both mentally and physically. Isolation means for many of us that we’ve got plenty more time on our hands, but this doesn’t necessarily mean boredom; turn this into an opportunity. Here, we’ve concocted a list of productive activities to enjoy, while both learning and looking after yourself. 


Home Workout 

At times of uncertainty such as these, your mental well-being is a priority to look after. Daily exercise in your house or in the back garden will help keep those endorphins high, reducing any cause for a decrease in mood.


Looking to entertain the little ones too? Include them in your daily exercise routine to motivate you to get up off the settee and get your hearts pumping, blood flowing and muscles moving! There are so many brilliant home workout videos online, there’s nothing holding you and your loved ones back from physical productivity during self-isolation. 


Learn Something New

Always wanted to have a go at those delicious-looking recipes in your cookbook collection? Or perhaps you fancy learning how to play an instrument or speak a new language? Take advantage of your available time in isolation to widen your talents and your knowledge by learning a new skill. With this, you’re not only learning but this brand new self-taught skill could even be carried into your job once you return to the world of work. With many resources, across multiple platforms – the world is your oyster with this one! 


Tidy Room, Tidy Mind 

You know what they say, with a tidy room comes a tidy mind. Now’s the time to tend to that clear out that’s been itching at you for months. Maybe once it was thought of as a chore, but now’s your opportunity to make it into a fun activity. If there’s more than one of you at your home during isolation, get your friends or family involved and make a day of it.You’ll more than likely find old photos, or items you thought were long gone. If you are on your own, video call your family members or friends as you find the things that remind you of them! It doesn’t have to stop with the rooms in your house either; what about your wardrobe? Bag up old clothes to send to your local charity shop or try your hand at textiles and give your frayed fabrics a new lease of life. 


Don’t Forget Self-Care

We’re at one of the most important uses of your free time during the isolation period; some self-care. You will find that now the world, usually so fast-paced in our everyday lives, has come to a sudden halt, the change in routine will unsettle many. However, this is a great opportunity for us all to indulge in some time for ourselves. Step out of your comfort zone of routine and embrace time with loved ones, treat yourself to a face mask, moisturiser or body lotion. Read a book, chat with your neighbours at a safe distance, take some time for a phone call with those important to you or simply start that new series you’ve been meaning to watch. Isolation shouldn’t be boring when there’s a whole world of opportunities to explore.


Put Yourself Out There

Be smart and take advantage of the isolation period. As many across the globe are relying on social media at the moment, it is the key time to shout about your brand or your talents and make your presence known.Take a passion of yours onto the online platforms, start a blog or even a vlog? If music is your passion, post your music onto YouTube or Soundcloud – the possibilities are endless! Turn the isolation period into the opportunity of a lifetime.


Now is the time to get your business’s website pristine and be heard on social media – after all, that’s where everyone is right now! Ensuring the exposure of your business online is a priority under the given circumstances of the isolation period. Interested to see how you could make the most of the given opportunity? 


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