First Impressions Count: Successfully rebranding for refreshed results

Is your brand cutting it? If the answer is no, it may be time to take a second glance at your branding. Sometimes, it’s best to wave goodbye to the branding you’ve become so accustomed to and say hello to reputable rebranding. Rebranding can be a stepping stone when it comes to the future of your business, helping you leverage your development and opportunity for growth amongst your market. Whether it’s your logo, colour palette or tagline, each element of your rebranding should make a lasting first impression.

Rebranding for a better reputation

When it comes to branding it’s a dog-eat-dog world, which means your rebranding really needs to measure up to meet people’s perceptions. As the face of your company, your rebranding should express the direction of your business, both now and for the future.

Making sure that you stand out amongst the crowd with an instantly recognisable brand is vital in securing trust, leads and sales further down the line. If your branding is strong, you’ll be in a better position to become memorable in the minds of your audience, building their trust in you and your business. 

Looking to turn over a new leaf? Take on the big and bold. Branding that stands out from the crowd and really cuts through the noise will help you go above and beyond, ready to make your mark in your industry. An outdated and poorly branded business isn’t going to make waves. Instead, asserting your rebranding to go further than professional and polished will help you rise quickly to reach your objectives. 

Starting afresh

It’s time to go back to the drawing board. Rebranding gives you the opportunity to try something new, whether that be within your company or wider industry. Switch things up, tip your ideas on their head, look at your business’s objectives from every angle. With endless opportunities to alter your brand image, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a route for the direction of your business’s rebranding and values.

Take the ever so slightly overused analogy of dressing for the job you want. Similarly to how you’d work hard to present yourself for the best opportunity, the way your brand looks to the rest of the world should be reflective of your business’s values and goals for growth. Rebranding will help you to suit up and regain control of the impact and perceptions your brand has amongst your audience and competitors. 

Successfully rebranding for refreshed results

So, ask yourself:

  • What do I want my rebranding to say about my business?
  • What reaction do I want to get from my audience?
  • What will make our rebranding stand out against our competitors?

Taking the time to understand how to piece together every element of your branding, focusing on what your audience wants to see and finetuning your business’s objectives will ensure your rebranding sets off on the right foot. Opting for a powerful rebrand will make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes sooner rather than later. Before you know it, your audience and competitors will start to see your business in a new light, with a unique voice that attracts all the right attention.

An everyday example of the power of branding is the classic T-shirt. A polyester cotton mix everyday piece of clothing that does the job no matter where you buy it from, right? So why does the price of a T-shirt fluctuate from store to store? For many, it’s the power of branding that sways consumers to spend more on designer labels and high-end garments. Having a unique label, look or affiliated lifestyle continuously proves to be a popular and preferable choice amongst consumers. If the branding looks and feels right to their audience, they’re going to invest more into the business. 

So how does this apply to you? Simple. In your industry, you will more than likely deliver services similar to your competitors, but the way in which you present your business to potential clients will be the difference between a secured sale and a  lost client. Rebranding is more than just making your business look pretty, it drives your whole sales funnel.

Two birds, one stone

Branding and advertising go hand in hand. Neither can function without the other. If your branding seems to be the bump in your refresh road, a change in character will help to boost business promotion, and give you something to shout about. Whether you opt for a brand spanking new company logo or a total corporate face-lift with an entirely fresh set of branding guidelines at your disposal, the changes you make when it comes to rebranding will steer your advertising in the most exciting new direction. Once your rebranding is well established, you can sit back and watch it do the work for you. Word of mouth will spread like wildfire, stimulating conversations and sharing your values. Rebranding will quickly and effectively become an invaluable advertising technique for your business that will make bringing in new customers a breeze.

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