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Why is your SEO ranking so important right now?

As the world goes into lockdown for the foreseeable future, your SEO ranking is more important to your business’s longevity than ever before. Taking steps to build a strong SEO strategy now will ensure that once things get back to normal, your business is in the best position to grow. 


Share Powerful Content


Every industry has been affected by the coronavirus; that means that every industry has a unique perspective and skills they can offer their audience. Sharing powerful, engaging content through your website has multiple benefits. As well as building your SEO ranking through relevant keywords, regularly publishing optimised blogs helps boost consumer loyalty too. You know best what your customers are interested in, and how you can help them. Releasing high quality content that gives something back will help both your audience and SEO ranking soar, meaning that once normality starts to return, you’ll be left with a ready-made group of consumers to engage with.


Google’s overall aim is to provide their users with the best, most accurate experience possible. To ensure your website reaches the top of the rankings, your content should be easily visible on your site, highly engaging, and directly tailored to your target audience’s needs. 


Build Trust With Your Audience


It’s no secret that if your website’s hidden on the third page of Google, your potential target audience will pass you by. Leaving your SEO ranking to chance makes you miss out on a whole host of potential target users. 


Boosting your SEO ranking works. 62% of consumers use search engines to learn more about the service they’re interested in, while 41% do so when they’re ready to buy. Ensuring your website is always placed in front of the right eyes makes your business the obvious choice when those consumers come to make a purchase. 


Increase In-bound Leads 


Placing emphasis on your website as a key part of your digital strategy will increase your inbound lead generation. Trust breeds further trust. The more traction your website receives, the more customers you’re likely to generate – it’s not enough to drive traffic to your site, your users have to enjoy the experience they receive once they’re there also.


Your website has the capability to become a real profit-producing medium. Combined with a seamless user journey and a sleek design, a strong SEO ranking ensures your website acts as a powerful addition to your sales team. Sharing engaging, targeted information about your values and services piques your users’ interest, allowing them to find out more about your business, and explore your products for themselves. 


Stay Ahead of Changing Consumer Needs


As the way businesses and consumers use the Internet change, your website needs to adapt. Your SEO ranking depends on a variety of factors, all of which change slightly as the algorithms develop. Now’s the time to ensure your website’s SEO ranking ticks all the right boxes. 


With mobile tech being used far more frequently than laptops and desktop computers, search engines now reward content that is tailored to voice searches as well as written queries. Paying attention to these changes will help your SEO ranking to grow, and show your audience your business can respond to their demands.  


Keep Looking Forward


Perhaps most importantly, investing in your SEO now is one of the most worthwhile decisions you can make for your business in the future. While it might not seem like it right now, an excess of free time makes the upcoming weeks and months the best possible time to focus on growing your SEO ranking. Dedicated, powerful SEO takes time. Rather than leaving things on the back foot, using this time to boost your online visibility will ensure that once the business world starts up again, your organisation will be in the best position possible. 


From your SEO ranking to your branding, our strategies are designed to ensure your digital presence has real longevity. If your business needs a helping hand to get through these difficult times, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.