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Startup marketing: Grow your business sustainably

 Have you ever wondered why the right startup marketing strategy is so essential for your fledgling business to develop and then sustain itself in the market? Startup Marketing strategies matter!  70% of young startups fail within 10 years, which shows that even the greatest ideas, dedication, and business plans may not be enough to succeed. 


To plan how your business should enter and remain in the market you need to, first, understand how the right startup strategy can benefit your company. A well-planned digital marketing strategy for your startup is a powerful tool that allows your brand to effectively reach out to and interact with potential customers. Our innovative creative ideas will enable your brand to establish a strong digital presence and deliver the right message to your target. Based on our ideas of how a startup marketing plan should be crafted, you will be able to expand your brand horizons and live up to your expectations. 


startup marketing


Marketing Matters

Your startup marketing plan should help you establish brand identity, and create a digital estate, so when your potential clients search about you online, you will appear as a legitimate and compelling business. Having an active online presence becomes one of the key elements to creating a trustworthy and stable relationship with your customers. Investing in your startup marketing plan will expand your horizons, and help you attract a much larger audience than you will ever be able to find locally.  In January 2021, almost 4.66 billion people around the world used the internet, therefore underestimating the power of the digital world will definitely take away great opportunities from your brand.


Although, if you still wonder whether your startup needs a digital marketing plan, allow us to take you through the journey of how it can advance your company’s potential. 


Let’s begin with research 

Here at Mantra, we endorse beginning each startup marketing strategy with the research-backed report, to discover valuable market insights, trends, and opportunities that your business can benefit from. A research-backed startup marketing strategy, with insightful and deep research, will ensure that your brand message will be delivered to the market in the ideal way and connect your brand with the right audience. As our mantra says, “Driven by ethics, guided by knowledge”, we strongly believe that the power of knowledge enables us to create unique and tailored startup marketing strategies to cater to the needs of each individual client.


Your purpose and values are what makes your business unique and through our approach to marketing for startups, we will showcase your brand in a way that resonates with your audience. To ensure that your business identity is exactly what your startup needs, our specialists will create bespoke pieces to spread the word about your brand through social media which will allow you to grow your brand.


startup marketing


Do it right with SEO

Social media platforms are an effective way to increase your startup’s visibility, which will attract new customers and investors. With a smart startup marketing strategy, you can generate leads, build brand awareness, and engage with customers. A strong digital presence will strengthen your business’s reputation, and the right digital marketing plan will allow your brand to grow sustainably and to remain steady in the market.


Your digital marketing plan will allow your business to expand with scalable and measurable outcomes. Making the most out of your digital presence will encourage your audience to engage and create trustworthy relationships, which you will be able to track and analyse what is working the best for your startup marketing strategy. Through the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), our savvy digital marketing experts will take your brand to the centre stage of your industry and guide you with every step on how to outrank your competitors by being on the top of any Google search related to your brand.


It’s time to think about your startup marketing 

Nowadays, where the vast majority of the world uses the internet on a daily basis, your online presence is crucial. If your business doesn’t appear digitally, it might be difficult to reach out to your target audience. Our bespoke startup marketing strategies are created and tailored to your needs, to help your business grow sustainably. 


Our innovative ideas for digital marketing plans are created to support your business potential and to help you understand precisely where and how you need to position yourself in the digital world. Whether you are a new or experienced startup owner, we have an array of fascinating solutions for how you can make the most out of our methods for startup marketing strategies. If you’d like to learn more about how we craft our startup marketing strategies to gather the most trusted, effective results, don’t hesitate to get in touch.