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Content Creation: 5 Top Types of Engaging Social Content

When it comes to content creation for your social media, you may find particular posts perform better on one platform in comparison to the other. It can be tricky to navigate, but not to worry. We’ve put together five fail-safe content creation ideas that attract plenty of engagement, regardless of what the platform is. 

The only consideration to keep in mind is the format of your posts per platform as there are varying ratios and dimensions to adhere to. Ready to dive in on content creation winners? Let’s go.


1. Lights, camera, action?


Video is not only a powerful type of content creation, it is an absolute necessity for your digital marketing activity. Millions of posts are published to our feeds every day. Nowadays a still image sometimes isn’t enough to capture users’ attention immediately.  

Arguably on average, the human attention span is less than that of a goldfish! As concluded by Microsoft, what was once 12 seconds in 2000 it’s shrunk to 8. These figures suggest that we marketers need to be opting for strategies that place our content creation at the forefront of users’ feeds. And in doing so, we need to be keeping content fresh.  

This is where video performs at its best. It inspires action and can be shared and rewatched over and over again. With video dominating our social feeds, it’s clear to see understand that without this content creation in your own strategy, you’ll be falling behind the stakes of those who are using it. 


2. Making headlines on the social feed


You learn something new every day, right? 

Showcase your industry expertise by reporting on the latest trends and insights in your sector. Content creation like this is sure to resonate strongly with your existing audience, who are experts in your field, as well as with new audiences who may not be familiar with your service or product, which positions you as an expert that they need to contact. 

Not only can you create original content from your own findings, but resharing trending articles and posts onto your newsfeed show that your business is passionate about what you do. This builds connections with other businesses whose content you’re sharing. This and in turn elevates your brand visibility. 


3. Offering something more


Content creation doesn’t only mean social media posts. It’s other valuable resources that your audience has access to and that you can share with your clients, prospects, partners, and more such as blogs, podcasts, guides, reports, etc. Publishing these on your social media platforms, website, email, or even messaging someone can lead to heightened interest and engagement in your business. All because of you offering more than the average cup of joe! 

In order to ensure consistent publication of each of these resources, a content plan should be in place. This doesn’t mean you need every single one of the above, offering just one extra resource gives your business an edge (also, these can support your SERP thanks to some SEO advantages!). Therefore, the added value of additional resources does not only give your audience just that little bit more meaningful content, but it’s supporting your digital estate too.


4. Proof before purchase


Consumers want to know what they’re getting before they take action.

There is no easier way to build credibility on your business profile than with content creation such as testimonials, case studies, and reviews that are a real reflection of your services. Showcasing your client results will place value upon your service and product and most importantly build trust between the user and your brand. 

In addition to this, if you mention the client/customer who left the review, the content will show on your network and the individual’s network’s feed, causing a chain reaction in engagement and profile visits. 


5. Happy customer, happy business


Now, the above nicely leads to the final content creation that has proven to be highly successful for businesses. The best part about it, you don’t need to do any content creation; all you need to do is repost/share user-generated content!

It’s all in the figures. Recent marketing statistics show that consumers overwhelmingly trust user-generated content more than branded content. According to 2022 findings from The State of User-Generated Content, 72% of consumers believe that customer reviews are far more credible than the brand itself talking about their products.

This highlights the huge opportunities businesses have to interact with their customers to make their experience with you more personal and rewarding, for you and for them! 


Content creation that has an impact 


The above content creation is the top type of social media content that we recommend to our clients when designing their strategic online approach. Our creative strategists’ dedicated approach to their mission, values, and purpose allows us to precisely plan a social media strategy that is set to achieve a certain objective. When you require support with your social media management, contact us to find out more about how we can create meaningful growth outcomes for your business.